Window Tinting the Bay

Hey there this last weekend I noticed how hot my car was getting just from sitting outside all day. The final straw was when my chapstick had melted down to nothing while sitting in my car..so now i’m hot and have chapped lips OK THATS IT. The next day I called Window Tinting Tampa and I had an appointment set for later the same day.  The window tint law vary from state to state the best way to stay in the clear and avoid any tickets is to search your states window tint regulations. However when your done with that and you live in FL then I highly reccomemend you give Window Tinting Tampa a call they are the go to PROS!!!





Pressure Washing Company

Hey guys you know how Florida has a high humidity, pollen, and algae. Well those apparently really add to the dirt and grime that sticks to our houses. I’ve noticed my own house looking a little dirtier month by month. Well i wasn’t going to go out there with a bucket a rag and some soap that would be some back breaking labor definitely here in this FL sun. Well to wrap this up I gave a local pressure washing company a call. They did an amazing job to my house it seriously almost looks brand new, the best part about it was they were very prompt. Free quote monday, house cleaning tuesday. Give them a call if you ever need any help pressure washing your home or business.

Driveway Cleaning Service 


Hey guys hows hope all is well. I’m back today with a post about an event that i’m pretty excited for…..EDC Orlando. I know I know this isn’t in Tampa What the HELL! Well if your in to the EDM scene, you get down some house, or you like to rage to some heavy bass then it will totally be worth the two hour drive. EDC orlando stands for Electric Daisy Carnival. Complete with 4 stages amusement park rides great music, and good people..What more could you ask for?  You can either get a one day or two day pass.

EDC Orlando
EDC Orlando

Tree Service Review

Hey fellow Floridians hope all is well. I’m back today with another local review for a tree service near palm harbor FL. Alright well we recently had a mini tropical storm roll through FL, although it wasn’t very strong it was powerful enough to uproot some of the weaker trees and rip off older tree limbs. Unfortunately the old palm in my backyard didn’t make it. Fortunately it was 2 feet to short to crush my screened in pool area. Frustrated yet relieved i google emergency tree removal and clicked the first one i saw. These guys came out within 30 minutes and started to chop that old tree up into some mulch that they later sell or recycle. These are the go to guys for local tree service in Palm Harbor. Hopefully you guys won’t need them like i did but if you ever do give Palm Harbor Tree Pro’s a call. One last thing if you have large trees around your home do yourself and your family a favor and get then all examined for weakness or disease


SOHO South Tampa

Hey everyone I’m back with my first post this one is going in the nightlife section. Anyone else have a hard of a week as mine?…. I hope not lol. Well after this week I really needed a drink and a night out with some friends. We ended up in  SOHO that’s what the kids are calling it at least. Anyway If your into the night life you should definitely check this place out. It was a Saturday night when I went out, there were gatherings of people making their way to and from bars, girls dressed in their tightest outfits and some guys were ridiculously drunk…..my kind of place!! The very first place we went to was called MacDinton’s Irish Pub & Restaurant, although it’s a restaurant i didn’t see one person eating it was all about the drink. The pub is large and has 3 different sections for dancing 2 inside and one outside on a deck its definitely worth a checkout. That’s all I have for now, thanks for visiting have a great day everyone. macdintn

Hello and Welcome

Hello there chances are you’ve ended up here at this blog in search of something to do locally which means your a Floridian like myself, to be more specific a Tamponian… I live in Tampa. This site will be dedicated to neat places that are fun to go see fun things to do in the Bay area. My name is Scott and im just a Floridian with a camera, and a blog. I will be back soon to add my very first attraction, until then have a great day every